ITC Systems Global Limited is a technology driven company

focusing in providing innovative solutions to corporate bodies especially Government entities that are part of providing services to citizens and or regulatory bodies.

ITC Systems Global positioned itself as the bedrock of providing standard end to end technology solution to both corporate and Government Agencies.


Standard End to End Technology Solutions

Our solutions integrate digital technology with technical know-how and tools which we implement into aspects
of your business to improve your operations and deliver the best value for you.

Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) Automation

We understand that any focused Government prioritizes its internally generated revenue being the main source of income for survival, yet the strategies to improve and expand the tax net as well as standard ways of collecting and accounting IGR are hard to uncover.

ITC Systems Global is here to take that burden from you by providing an end-to-end turnkey solution.

Revenue Accounting, Reconciliation & Settlement Mechanism

Revenue accounting is the business process by which the revenue authority accounts for taxes assessed and collected and provides reports on revenue distribution as required. Data generated in the revenue accounting process provides the basis for making executive decisions, for evaluating the relative performance of various MDA’s, for determining revenue available for distribution, and measuring the operational performance of the authority.

We provide a solution that reflects financial transactions derived from assessments, payments from both individuals and corporates which form the basis for further revenue administration processes.

Formal & Informal Sector Optimization

The majority of taxable persons in most Nigerian states are engaged in the informal sector, and include farmers, traders, artisans and craftsmen. Various strategies can be employed to encourage taxpayers to register and come into the tax net; how-ever, the key to the maximum success is to support any strategy with a credible taxpayer base linked to a mandatory registration scheme.

ITC Systems Global Tax Drive solution is one of its kind. Our technological approach towards achieving the desired objective is what we are always good in.

Citizen / Tax Payer Identification

A fundamental step in administering taxes is taxpayer registration and numbering. Tax administrations must compile and maintain a complete database of businesses and individuals that are required by law to register; these will include taxpayers in their own right, as well as others such as employers with PAYE withholding responsibilities. Registration and numbering of each taxpayer underpin key administrative processes associated with filing, payment, assessment, and collection.

We provide accurate and reliable taxpayer information. Knowledge of the potential taxpayer base, the adequacy of information held in the tax administration’s registration database and the extent to which it supports effective interactions with taxpayers and tax intermediaries.


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